Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Smartphone application and wearable device effective for weight loss in obese people

BMC Public health: Researchers evaluated the effectiveness of an experimental intervention based on standard diet recommendations plus free Smartphone application (app) and wearable device for weight loss, compared with the standard diet intervention alone, in primary care patients aged 18 years or older who are overweight or obese.
The study: 12 months of standard diet recommendations without or with assistance of a free Smartphone app that allows the participant to maintain a record of dietary intake and a bracelet monitor that records physical activity. The outcomes are weight loss at 12 months (primary outcome), changes in physical activity and cardiometabolic risk factors, frequency of app use, and participant satisfaction after 12 months.
The results of our study will offer evidence of the effectiveness of an intervention using one of the most popular free apps and wearable devices in achieving weight loss among patients who are overweight or obese. If these new technologies are proven effective in our population, they could be readily incorporated into primary care interventions promoting healthy weight.