Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Journey towards Recovery from Depression (video 29mn)

Newcastle: Shared decision-making is a process through which patients and doctors work together to identify the treatment option(s) that best suit the individual patient. In the doctor-patient relationship, the doctor contributes their expert knowledge in diagnosis, available treatment options and likely outcomes of treatment, and the patient brings their expertise in the form of their own values, beliefs, circumstances and attitude towards the potential pros and cons of the available options. Shared decision-making combines these two areas of expertise in a balanced discussion in order to reach the best decision for the patient. This process benefits not only individuals but the health care system as a whole. Shared decision-making practices are actively encouraged by the NHS and they assert that the best care is provided when patients are fully involved in decision-making regarding their own care, instead of decisions being made for the patient by doctors alone -"no decision about me, without me".